The poems on this blog were written in 2005. These are from my original diaries, and became a hobby that helped keep me going at times when I honestly believed there was nothing. There is not much skill behind much of it, just the hopes and dreams of a person trying to find something better.


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  1. 1personofdifference June 22, 2010 at 1:30 pm #

    An ignoble character, being a poet.
    I just recently finished a contemporary literature class.
    I enjoyed “The Road Less Travelled”. It really points out how choices in life can affect our life down the road.

    One doesn’t have to be a professional to write good poetry or prose. Some of the best poems were written by men and women who never collected a dime.

    Poems from the heart during troubled times can be a great boon to the writer (getting things out in the open and working on them) and they can be a great boon to those who are going through similar things down the road in time.

    Poets I think are appreciate for that, more than anything else. They share their struggles and if they find an answer on the other side and find some modicum of peace or satisfaction, typically write a poem of joy or cheer to follow the poems of tears.

    Comics are very similar in some ways to poets. They express their feelings in a different medium but they are expressing their feelings and struggles and telling a story.

    I used to hate poetry because I thought it was sappy stuff for girls. But after reading about the different ways poems are written, even though I still probably read a lot of poems I respect them and their writers immensely.
    I mean the whole thing about meter, rhyme scheme, iambic pentameter. It would drive me nuts as an author.

    I am a fledgling author myself. I am writing a non fiction book. There is a lot of work involved in that but I think it’s easier to write a 130 page book than to write a 10 line poem.

    My hats off to the poets of the world.

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